Senior Health: Unfortunately, once people get into their elderly years, there is a higher chance for them to experience incontinence. Senior care aides could help.

There are also many reasons for incontinence. If you are caring for your elderly loved one, it is important to note that physical or mental illnesses can cause incontinence. With this being said, there are some tips that you and your loved one’s senior care providers can use to manage their incontinence to maintain good senior health.

Sticking to Routines

One of the best ways to manage incontinence is by sticking to routines. If your elderly loved one can get used to using the bathroom at specific times throughout their day, their body will learn to hold it until then. While it may not always be possible for your elderly loved one to go to the bathroom at the exact same times every day, you should have them stick to the routine as much as possible. Generally speaking, elderly people usually need to go pee every 2-3 hours.

Signs of Needing to Use the Bathroom

Another way that you and senior care providers can help to manage your loved one’s incontinence is to look for signs that they need to use the bathroom. Some of the ways that elderly people, especially those with mental illnesses, usually show this is by pulling on their clothes and becoming restless. If you notice these things, respond to them right away and remind them to use the bathroom.

Understanding of Accidents

There are going to be times when your elderly loved one has accidents. Even if you follow all the preventative measures possible, people who have incontinence can’t always make it to the bathroom on time. The most important thing for you to do if your elderly loved one does have an accident is to be understanding. Do not shame them in any way. Don’t get mad. Make sure you stay calm and patient with your loved one. It would be helpful to have a record of accidents. This way, you can take it to your loved one’s doctor. The doctor might be able to use that record to create a better treatment plan for your elderly loved one.

Senior Health:  Senior Care Assistance

There are many senior citizens who have incontinence. There are also many different reasons for this condition. Some of the reasons are physical illness and other reasons are mental illnesses. If your elderly loved one has incontinence it is important to follow the preventative tips mentioned above.

If they do have accidents, which they likely will at some point, make sure you are patient and understanding with them. If your elderly loved one is having a lot of accidents and nothing seems to help, be sure you talk to their doctor to see what else can be done to ensure good senior health.


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