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Senior woman smiling at her caregiver

Signs and Symptoms of UTIs in Elderly Adults

For younger adults, a urinary tract infection (UTI) is merely an inconvenience. But for those aged 65-and-above, a UTI can be dangerous. UTIs in elderly adults usually target women over men, and tend to also occur more frequently in those with limited mobility, diabetes, kidney stones, incontinence, or who have recently undergone bladder surgery.

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Financial scams directed towards elderly

How to Protect Seniors from Financial Scammers

Over 90% of elderly financial fraud victims are preyed upon by their own relatives. Tactics used by those financial scammers include sharing a bank account with a retired family member, outright theft, or falsely promising to deliver care or services in exchange for money.

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5 Nutritious High-Calorie Foods for Seniors with Loss of Appetite

Millions of aging in place older Americans don’t get the daily nutrition their bodies so desperately need to stay healthy. And, one of the main reasons why is a loss of appetite. Unfortunately for many “appetite-challenged” at-home seniors, not taking in enough nutrients eventually starts threatening their freedom and independence.

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Caregiver assisting a senior with diabetes

Tips for Caring for a Senior with Diabetes

Roughly one-fourth of the U.S. population has diabetes, including millions of Americans aged 65-and-over. Although there’s no cure, a senior with diabetes can still enjoy a good quality-of-life through diet, exercise and medications. But if their diabetes isn’t managed, it can cause more serious health conditions like heart problems, kidney failure and blindness.

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Elderly couple reviewing finances

How to Discuss Finances with an Aging Parent

Your elderly father, who was an accountant, died suddenly last year, leaving your aging mother alone in the house you grew up in. Dad managed all their household finances, so mom is still having trouble doing so. And although mom’s health is good, you’d like to discuss finances with her to ensure she’s prepared for the future. However, anytime you’ve tried to bring up the topic, she’s quickly brushed it aside. What should you do?

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How to Assist an Aging Parent with Vision Loss

Many aging in place seniors with diminishing eyesight face daily living challenges that eventually threaten their freedom and independence. If you’re currently taking care of an at-home elderly parent with vision loss, helping them adjust to the lifestyle changes that are needed can be hard. Fortunately, there are several proven ways to provide mom or dad with the daily living assistance they need, starting with these.

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Comfortable and safe shoes for seniors

How to Find Comfortable and Safe Shoes for Seniors

Millions of at-home elderly Americans suffer from foot problems that make wearing shoes uncomfortable. Countless other seniors slip and fall on wet surfaces due to lack adequate traction. If either of these scenarios are a concern for your aging in place loved one, finding them some comfortable and safe shoes for seniors is important for their health and well-being.

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Help a senior parent pay the bills on time

What to do When Your Elderly Parent Keeps Forgetting to Pay The Bills

Ever since dad passed away your elderly mother, who still lives alone, has been forgetting to pay the bills. You’ve noticed unopened envelopes lying around her house with “past due” stamped on the outside, and creditors keep calling her at home. What should you do? To help get mom’s bills paid on time, try these reliable steps.

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