Home Care Assistance: If a senior is ready to go out and walk or drive in the snow, it is also time to consider getting them extra help at home.

You may not have time to take your elders to all of their appointments or help them move around as they should, and that’s okay. There are options for your family to choose from. One of the best options for a senior is home care assistance, these caregivers can help protect your senior when they go out in the snow, and help take the pressure off of you.

Ice, snow, and freezing weather can make life difficult for anybody throughout the winter months. Slippery sidewalks and cold weather may result in a variety of accidents and diseases, particularly among the elderly. Finding the right home care assistance to be with the seniors regularly can help ensure their safety during the winter. Here are some good tips on how to protect your seniors in the snow.

Be Mindful of The Ice

In the winter, one thing that is uncontrollable is that the roads, sidewalks, and pathways get icy. It is not always the safest place for seniors to walk around unless they have additional help. One way to minimize this risk is by ensuring they go out when the roads and sidewalks have been salted. Seniors who live at home may need someone to come and shovel their pathways and throw salt for them. This doesn’t mean a senior can’t exercise, but they may have to get a gym membership or do at-home workouts to stay safe.


Dress in Layers

Seniors may need help getting dressed for the cold, and they will need multiple layers. Home care assistance can help a senior with everyday things like this. If your senior doesn’t have the right winter clothes, it is time to take them shopping. Invest in warm clothing like wool sweaters and socks to help keep them warm throughout the bitter months. Seniors may become colder when they have fewer fat reserves.

Help Fight Depression

Some seniors may start battling winter blues, and it is something that you should really think about when helping protect seniors during the winter months. They may need to take extra vitamins if the doctor checks their blood, or they may need to start seeing a therapist to work out emotions.


Find Proper Shoes

Seniors may not be the most comfortable in boots, but it will be important to have their feet protected from the snow. They need to shop around to find something that works well for them. If they do not leave the house often, they may be able to wear waterproof sneakers as long as they protect their feet from getting damp.

Prepare for Outages

Snow itself may not cause the power to go out. However, if it is windy or the snow builds up on the power lines, this may cause the power to go out. Seniors should have someone help them prepare for these days. This means extra firewood, candles, and flashlights. Having jugs of water may also be helpful when dealing with snow and power outages. A home care assistance provider can help you with this.



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