One of the biggest problems facing older Americans who still live at home is not taking their medications as prescribed. According to government sources, over half of all seniors are guilty of medication mismanagement that unknowingly places them at serious risk. If you’re currently looking after an aging in place elderly loved one, helping them manage medications safely is a priority. And now, thanks to an innovative pharmacy delivery service called PillPack, safe medication management for seniors is only a phone call away!

Medication Challenges Seniors Face

According to WebMD (, the average senior takes four prescription meds and two OTC drugs or vitamins daily. When those various formulations are mixed in the human body, drug interactions that cause serious side effects are possible. In addition, here are some of the other medication-related challenges that seniors face:

  • The average senior has one or more expired prescription bottles in their home.
  • Many older Americans stop taking their meds due to forgetfulness, poor medication management, lack of transportation, financial hardship, or a combination thereof.
  • Nearly 25% of all nursing home admissions result from seniors not properly taking their meds, or as a result of the unsafe mixing of medications.
  • Accidental medication overdoses, including those leading to hospitalizations and fatalities, are on the rise within the elderly population.

If you’re providing care for an aging loved one, those facts are certainly alarming. Many seniors try different medication-sorting tools to help them manage their meds, but even those aren’t totally reliable.

Limitations of Pill Boxes and Organizers

You’ve probably seen ads for medication pill boxes, or even talking pill organizers, and those products are somewhat effective in helping seniors properly take their meds. However, they do have limitations, most notably:

  • Potency concerns. When some medications are stored in the same compartment, it can cause them to be less potent.
  • Dosage adjustments. Doctors routinely titrate the dosages of medications to obtain optimal results. Due to habit, many seniors forget those dosage changes when loading up their pill boxes for the next week.
  • Missed labeling precautions. When using a pill organizer, seniors oftentimes neglect to carefully read bottle labels. Not doing so can cause them to miss out on important information, like potential drug interactions with OTC medications, possible side effects, etc.
  • Storage requirements. Some medications are sensitive to light, temperature or humidity, and need to be stored in accordance with manufacturer’s guidelines. When placed in a pill box those storage requirements frequently go unheeded, which can reduce potency.

PillPack to the Rescue

PillPack ( is a pharmacy delivery service that works directly with seniors and their caregivers to carefully manage daily meds. All it takes to get started is a phone call or visit to their website. Once PillPack has your loved one’s name, doctor contacts, medication list (including any OTC meds and vitamins), insurance information and home address, they can start shipping individually packaged medications directly to their home for free.

PillPack even stocks and ships creams, inhalers, testing supplies and vitamins, and any potential drug interactions are closely monitored by a licensed pharmacist. All communications between you, PillPack, and your loved one can be conveniently done 24/7 by email, phone, live chat or text messaging. That includes all their insurance billing and prescription refill information.

Once enrolled, your senior is only responsible for copays pertaining to prescription meds, and any additional charges for non-prescription items. In the end, PillPack is a reliable way to help ensure your loved one’s continued health and wellbeing!

In-Home Medication Management for Seniors in Massachusetts

Helping an aging in place senior manage their meds can be challenging, especially when you live far away. When you need a hand, call Cranberry Home Care. As a family owned and operated home care agency, we fully understand the importance of providing safe and reliable in-home medication management assistance to seniors. Our carefully screened aides are fully licensed to do so, whether you decide to use a pharmacy service like PillPack, or not.

While in the home, our highly trained aides can also perform duties like light housekeeping, personal hygiene, meal preparation, transportation and companionship. And, all our family trusted home care services can be flexibly tailored in an affordable package to put your mind at ease. For more information about medication management for seniors, or to schedule a FREE, in-home care consultation in Southeastern, MA, with Cranberry Home Care, please visit: now!