Mildred was the kind of woman who had difficulty asking for help.

She was happy to support her husband, raise her children, and even be a beacon of light to her friends. She was the person who would always drop whatever she was doing to go help a friend in need. In her mid-70s, though, she suffered a major medical emergency and spent several weeks in the hospital. As she returned home, she has struggled to get back to doing the things she once enjoyed doing. She was still trying to juggle many different hats, but just doing the most basic things was taking her two or three or four times longer. On top of that, she was beginning to realize she couldn’t do everything like she once had. She needed help, which caused her to begin looking to others for the first time in many, many years. Is senior home care a good option?


First, she turned to family.

She assumed her husband would be there for her. And he was, to some degree. But, that wasn’t part of his lifestyle. He did what he could, but he had no clue how to do many of the things she needed help with. He was a traditional individual who never paid attention to how the laundry was done, how to cook, or even do the grocery shopping.


Next, Mildred turned to her adult children.

Her adult children were living relatively close by, so she asked them for help. She never once considered senior care options because family was family. In her culture, when you needed help, you turned to family and friends.

But, because of their busy schedules, raising children, their careers, and so many other factors, it was difficult to get the help she needed when it was necessary.


Finally, she learned about senior care.

Some of her friends began talking about home care. She never thought about a home care aide before. It just never crossed her mind. But, the more she learned about it, the more she realized she didn’t need to lean on her husband, adult children, or friends.

And, the best part was she didn’t have to try and juggle everything in her diminished physical capacity. She reached out to an agency, hired somebody for part-time care, and realized that not only was life a little bit easier now, but recovery was also smoother and the quality of life improved.

That’s what senior care can provide people when they need extra assistance because of health issues or physical challenges.


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