Aging at home is your mom’s goal.

She enjoys the idea of living in her current home for the rest of her life. It’s in a familiar area, the décor and colors are her choices and preferences, and she knows her neighbors.

Your goal is to make sure she’s safe as she ages at home. What are the top six things to consider?


-Work on Improving Her Diet

Your mom needs to eat the right foods. She can’t rely on takeout or high-sodium, high-fat frozen meals. Many doctors recommend following the Mediterranean diet with plenty of vegetables and legumes. Whole grains and lean protein are also important.

Fiber, vitamin D, calcium, and antioxidants are important for her to consume each day. Aim for a maximum of 2,000 calories. If she’s less active lower it to whatever her doctor recommends.


-Make the Bathroom Safe

Bathrooms are one area where falls frequently occur. Wet floors are slippery. Stepping in and out of a tub/shower combination requires a high step and balance on one leg during that step.

If your mom falls, there is the risk of hitting a head or shoulder. The hard surfaces of a floor, toilet, or sink increase the risk of head injuries. Grab bars prevent falls by offering support.


-Inspect the Flooring

Make sure her flooring throughout the house isn’t slippery or loose. Decorative rugs are not a good idea if she has wood or tile flooring. Loose or torn carpeting may catch your mom’s toes and cause her to trip. Replace anything that could be hazardous.


-Ensure She Stays Active

Daily activity is important. Your mom will stay more mobile and healthier if she is active. Join her as often as you can for activities that last at least half an hour. You might want to take her golfing, join her on a walk in a nearby park, or sign up for a fitness class together.


-Ask if Her Health Will Change

If your mom has a chronic health condition, her health may change as the months and years pass. If she has Alzheimer’s disease, there may come a time when she cannot live alone. She’ll need around-the-clock supervision and that has to be considered.

Arthritis pain can make it hard for her to get up and down the stairs in her home. If she has a multi-level home, stairlifts would become necessary or she’d need to downsize to a single-level home. Ask her doctor about her health needs.


-Arrange Home Care Service

Arrange to have home care services help your mom with common daily activities like cleaning the home, doing the laundry, and cooking meals. The more support she has, the easier it is for her to live independently.


Caregivers can help your mom will all seven of these aspects of aging at home. To schedule professional caregivers, call a home care agency and answer questions about your mom. You’ll get answers to your questions and find out how much caregivers cost.


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